Confused about which PPH service you should choose? Are you confused about what you should look for? Want to deal with a company that has offshore betting services? Well, the idea of collaborating with an affordable PPH service is the first right step that any bookmaker could take. Such betting services provide numerous games for betting to clients which are all live and are absolutely thrilling for the clients!

However, if you are looking for a company to collaborate with, it is essential that you look into certain things. Location is a big factor to consider as you might want to choose one that is located abroad.

Choose the right pay per head bookie service:

There are a number of things to consider when you opt for a bookie service to meet the gambling requirements of your clients. Listed below are few things that you should consider while opting for such a service.


It is essential that you look for a pay per head service that has a well-staffed call center. While most of the betting is done online nowadays, however, clients prefer to wager via the phone. So, ensure that the clients can access the call center at all times and that it is multilingual.

Software matters

What kind of sports book software the pay per head bookie service uses is something to consider. It should offer multiple options for betting to your clients and have user-friendly features to carry on with the process. Moreover, it should include the necessary tools that would make it easier for the clients to place their bets.

Does it have a casino?

An online casino is something that you should look for when choosing a pay per head service. When a player plays at a casino, they experience such a thrill that any other sport fails to do. So, if you have clients who love to play poker and the pay per head service doesn’t include that, then your client would probably seek their thrill elsewhere.

How good are they at handling mobile and line betting?

Mobile and line betting are other two factors to consider. Line betting where players can make live bets through their phone is something that every pay per head service should include. Mobile betting, on the other hand, allows the players to cut their losses or win triumphantly in a live game, through their smartphones.

How good is the security?

Security is a major concern when choosing a pay per head service. Look for a company that monitors all actions and has a strict security code about protecting the client information. Look at how closely they monitor and review reports that pose a security threat.

Is it user-friendly?

For online betting, a website should be easy to use. With just a few clicks, the bets can be placed and new sports can be viewed. So, check their user friendliness and also how friendly they are to different platforms.

Therefore, go ahead and choose the right affordable PPH service for your clients. Keep betting!