Salento is a great place to spend your holidays at the sea. First of all the climate is really nice, warm and ventilated, the sea is clear and clean, the sun shines for many days a year.
Here in the last few years there has been a great economic boom, and there are many different structures such as bed and breakfast in Salento on the sea, hotels, villages, camping, farmhouses, rentals.

If you have to spend only a few days and you also want to save a bit, your choice could fall on bed and breakfast in Salento or renting homes and apartments that allow you to spend less enjoy your vacation.

In fact, this formula allows you to pay only the overnight stay, usufriendo of the beach and the beautiful coast, and discover unknown itineraries, both on the sea and on the ground, such as the beautiful protected areas of Salento, Torre Guaceto or the lakeside lakes.
Still there are various sea structures such as bed and breakfast in Salento on the sea that are close to the beach then accessible on foot.

You can also choose to spend your vacation on the Adriatic or Ionian Coast as the coasts are rocky and jagged on the Adriatic with so many coves and marine caves, and sandy and soft on the ion, suitable also for families with children.