Holidays are the most discussed topic of the period: planning a vacation requires a certain amount of time in advance to plan things to the best and avoid unpleasant surprises. Holidays in Salento are a wonderful experience to enjoy at any time, but they deserve a careful organization.

Why choose Salento

Salento is an ancient land rich in colors, flavors and almost magical suggestions. Its heart, surrounded by the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, is the cradle of ancient civilizations and an illustrious past that is reflected in the immense archaeological, historical and cultural heritage of the region. Visiting Salento means not just enjoying miles and miles of beautiful beaches – it also means discovering custom, cultures and traditions that are lost in history. To learn about Salento and its inhabitants, the rich and fascinating traditions and the beautiful countryside inland, a well-organized itinerary is paramount. The beaches offer to the tourist an unforgettable choice: white and sandy shores on one side and rocky and jagged coasts on the other, for a route that winds through the Adriatic and Ionian coasts. The Ionian coast has wonderful beaches and small atolls, much appreciated by tourists who define it as a small Italian Polynesia. The Adriatic coast, on the other hand, is a destination for fans of breathtaking views, with its high cliffs and the particular rock formations. Salento is therefore a rich and varied destination that allows to meet the needs of every type of tourist, thanks to the many accommodation in Salento on the sea, which make available any type of property for a perfect vacation planning at any point Of sight.

Organize an itinerary

Whoever enjoys accommodation in Salento and summer rentals on the sea, in fact, prefers to build a small itinerary to be followed, to be sure not to miss even one of the natural, historical and cultural beauties that this rich area has to offer. It is therefore advisable to contact a specialized site that will inform the tourist of the main points of interest, but also the cultural and gastronomic festivals and events. Despite the dazzling beauty of the beaches, it is important to value the whole experience in Salento, learning to discover and discover the flavors, uses and customs of the region, through a complete itinerary in every part: sea and hinterland, fun, culture , Culinary arts.

Where stay

As a destination of considerable tourism, the region is particularly rich in structures of all kinds and of all kinds: there is no lack of b’n'b, hotels, rooms for rent. The most brilliant solution for those who are spending more or less time in the area is, however, resorting to accommodation in Salento as rentals. In fact, summer rent guarantees better organization, independence, and unmatched freedom of movement. Thanks to a rented house or apartment, the tourist can best organize his itinerary without hesitation, without limitation of any kind, and dive into local daily life.