It is a vacation time and if you want to enjoy it completely without doing anything, you can take advantage of resort villages, ideal for those who like to be served and revered

A relaxing holiday

Puglia, an unspoilt and beautiful land, has become the destination of many tourists who adopt the village’s solution. The residence in Salento in Apulia near the sea is different from the normal resorts because everything is well organized so that guests can enjoy their vacation without doing anything at all. The decision is purely personal as there are people who prefer the traditional tourist villages where you can cook for your family or have a nice ‘brace’ with friends who inevitably know themselves in those cozy and convivial places. In a resort, on the contrary, there is a closer look at physical well-being and organization that is cured in more meticulous details. The difference is substantial because the comfort provided by a resort gives you the assurance of having all the facilities available regardless of the rooms that can be bungalows or real apartments filled with every comfort.

Rooms like at the hotel

Unlike traditional tourist villages, the rooms of a resort are managed by the staff of the resort. In the morning you will not need to make the beds, clean the toilet or wash the floors, but will take care of all the staff. Maximum comfort so for those who decide to spend the holidays in the residence in Salento with plenty of sea right next to the property and breakfast in the room if you want. The mini apartments are independent and come in areas suitable for socializing or in areas where there is more tranquility. Everything is done as it happens in normal hotels with meals to be booked and brought home or to be eaten in the special rooms or on the chalet. A truly accurate and commendable service suitable for those who do not want anything other than enjoying the Apulian sea and the extraordinary beauties of this reason that in recent years is increasingly appreciated by tourists from all over Europe.

The real attraction of the village: the animation

Those who decide to stay in a resort do it especially for the animation that is the true queen of the villages. There are several moments of the day when animation involves large and small and it is a real pleasure to see together many people who enjoy having zumba lessons, dancing, singing, hiking in fun treasure hunts or performing lessons golf. Those with children can even afford to go to the hairdresser or go to the wellness center of the resort because there are always available mini club operators who entertain them with games, races and many other leisure distractions. In short, the residence in Salento and resort villages in Puglia, as well as being close to the sea, give carefree moments in a serene and familiar atmosphere.