The sea hotels in Puglia have a lot of advantages, especially to be pampered by the staff who is always courteous and helpful
Make a holiday with all the comforts
When planning a holiday, all the comforts are required because it is necessary to rethink the mind from the workings of winter. A full-board family hotel in Salento in Puglia are renowned for their impeccable hospitality. The Salento people have cordiality in the DNA and hardly anyone who has stayed in the hotels in the region has expressed some complaints. Full board is the best service to relax without thinking of lunch, dinner or breakfast. It’s tied to timetables, that’s true, but are times compatible with awakening and returning from the beach. You have all the time to prepare, to have a refreshing shower and to go to the dining room where there are the tables marked for each guest of the hotel. Meals are always abundant and fit to everyone’s needs since the best hotels do not only prepare local dishes but also those for celiac or for those who are intolerant to some foods. To complete the service, there are special rooms for moms who need to warm milk or liquid minestrines to their babies. Alternatively, a practitioner may be required to carry out this practice, which will be carried out in full compliance with the hygiene rules.
Full board is synonymous with relaxation
Living in a hotel for a week, fifteen days or a month is a true story. It retreats in body and spirit and rest in the true sense of the word. Each room is stocked with lots of amenities and services and cleaning is done daily with change of linens and towels. A true oasis of well-being, the holidays in a family hotel in Salento on the sea full board and not by accident, Puglia boasts the tourists’ primacy. You live in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with flexible hours, dinners on the pool, afternoon and evening entertainment and many options for those who want body wellbeing. And, fundamentally, access to the coves is within walking distance.
Additional or included services

Full board rates include services of body wellness. Sometimes these are additional services that have a separate cost and during negotiation it’s good to make sure these options are understood or not. These are saunas, beauty treatments, use of hotel gyms, emotional showers and all that concerns physical well-being. Users are increasingly interested in this type of aesthetic treatment and it is preferable to make sure that the hotel that is going to book for a stay can make these treatments available to guests in the city and that they do not want to interrupt . What is surely included in the price is group dance, nowadays very much in vogue in our peninsula and family hotel in Salento on the sea full board, know the needs of their guests. Apulia seeks to equip itself with increasingly innovative hotel services, given the great turnout of tourists.