In every corner of its territory, Puglia offers tourists enchanting squats for which to spend a holiday. Which accommodation? The choice is fortunately vast.

Puglia in comfort

From Gargano to Salento, Puglia extends its long territory between hills, tens of miles of sea coasts of all types, from the white and long beaches of the Adriatic coast to the Adriatic shores of Salerno, then continuing along the Ionian coast between further beaches caribbean or rocky coves.
but Puglia is also a hinterland, a city of art, searching for an important, entertaining, cultural heritage derived from ancient proto-historical matrices, such as all that concerns messapic culture.
From the Taranta Festival to the lyrical festival of the Itria Valley, from the Putignano Carnival to the Apulia Jazz Festival, the ‘heel’ region, 365 days a year, is the ideal place for holidays of all kinds in different types of structures, hospitality.
For those who love the solution at the hotel, but want to enjoy the freedom not to feel too attached to the catering times, the solution offered by many residence in Salento specifically includes a hotel reception of a high standard enjoying the freedom of residence, as expected of cooking areas is inviting the tourist to go to the facility for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Not just residence formulas

A careful search, the web in this is of great help, of the desired structure, offers the tourist an ‘ideal’ hotel for every solution.
In the desire to spend a holiday in the hotel residence in Salento and in Puglia, you can choose from possibilities for relaxation, as well as everyone has their ideal holiday, other hybrid hotels with residence forms, become real resorts equipped entertainment, playgrounds, often swimming pools, whether they are domiciled inland as well as on the coast.
For this reason, one of the many, the Puglia Region has invested heavily in its economy on tourism and hotel development.

Everyone will have their vacation

Within the offers, each hotel will have its own specialization, its own tourist vocation.
A good percentage of hotel residence in Salento provide, above all, in animated facilities, a baby sittering service, perfect and congenial for those families in whom each one searches for their own space, in the tranquility of entrusting children, young or teens, to qualified staff enjoying the opportunity to really enjoy the holiday, a time when everyone finds their own individual statement.
The cost of such a solution? The range is really large and, fortunately, allows large bands of tourists to enjoy cheap and decent facilities as well as luxurious offers for high tourist bands.