What Are Instagram Trends?

These are popular photography, editing, content, and color styles that make wave in a short period of time. These trends capture the same as many others and is mostly influenced by influencers. Now what are some of these trends that Instagram marketers should know about, and what are their uses and importance. These trends can help you gain more and more Instagram followers.

Boomerang App

This is a one-second video app owned by Instagram. It is very easy to use, and can record a video of one second, loop it and make it look like a GIF. You can share videos that are without sound with this app. Since its launch in October 2015, Instagram users have gotten use to this app, and are taking advantage of its unique features.

Videos Without Audio

This has become one of the fasting rising trends on Instagram; silent videos. Research has shown that most Instagram users tend to enjoy short videos without audio. You can take advantage of this as a brand. Try and create some videos that are without audio, but there is a clause, make sure your viewers are able to understand the video even without audio.

Snapchat Selfie Filters On Instagram

One very popular trend on all social media platforms especially Instagram is; Snapchat filters. Every day, more and more brands are making use of sponsored Snapchat filters. The good thing is that these posts are videos with Snapchat sponsored filters do not have to stay solely on Instagram. It is a two-way thing. You can use them both on Snapchat and Instagram. This is one of the best means to get free Instagram likes.

Themes, Repitition and Commonality

This trend is making serious wave on Instagram. It is mostly used by marketers. It involves making your posts and videos follow the same pattern, theme, commonality, or repetition throughout your entire feed. This is about giving your posts a signature look, make them follow a unique pattern, with this, your customers can easily identify you and your posts or products wherever they see them. Take your time to create this theme as this will help you stand out of the crowd.

Managing Multiple Accounts

Early last year, Instagram added a new feature where you can manage or use multiple accounts on your Instagram app. This has become an added advantage for business men, and it has become a trend on Instagram. You can now run multiple brands under the umbrella of your business giving you access to a larger audience

Use Instagram as Your Business Site

This is another trend that is gaining ground on Instagram. This is how it works so in case you haven’t started it, you can consider it. You post photos of your products and services and leave instructions with the link in your bio. This makes it easy for potential customers to repost to their feed or tag a friend who might be in need of such product.

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