Think of the glory of the first Renaissance of Siena, the exotic moronic roots of Palermo, and the aquatic dream of fabulous Venice. More than one destination among these iconic destinations is the Puglia’s Salento peninsula – far to the tip of the Italian boot, a region of windy plains, olive groves and rocky beaches. Many people today find out Salento, an area that has attracted more and more tourists over the past 10 years.

Turist and celebrities

With its natural beauty, impressive buildings and good food, it is no surprise that Salento’s habitues also include a number of tastemakers: by actress Helen Mirren and her husband, director Taylor Hackford, who have a home near the town of Tricase Martine Guerrand Hermès (of the French fashion family), who produces handmade olive oil on his farm in the countryside. Guerrand Hermès was introduced in Salento several years ago when a friend, entrepreneur Fouad Filali, took her to Lecce, the most known city in the area, on vacation. Lecce with its baroque palaces, civic buildings and churches, particularly the Basilica of Santa Croce (structures that have earned the city the nickname of Florence in the South) have astonished him. Made of local limestone stones, their facades capture beautifully the light.

At noon in the summer, they shine with a creamy white; from late evening, they are pink glittering.

The sea

In addition to this irresistible charm of Baroque cities and their buildings, one can discover in Salento a crystalline sea as in the most beautiful exotic locations so much that it was named the Maldives of Salento in the Ionian zone, characterized by sandy beaches and bays fine, white and pink, which slows down slowly in the backdrops.

Ancient remains

In addition, the hinterland is full of surprises, ancient remains of medieval castles, fortified farms, prehistoric remains including the menhirs, the valley of Itria and the famous trulli, folklklore, spiritual itineraries with various Marian sanctuaries located in various towns, the towers of sight, the dry walls of the countryside, and much more can be seen and discovered in Salento.