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October 20, 2017

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Vacation in Puglia, where to sleep in Salento

If you are spending a holiday in Puglia, but you have not yet booked a place to sleep in Salento, this short article will make your case.
A holiday in Salento is lend to be within the reach of all pockets: from the most demanding to the most squatted, Puglia offers good alternatives to spend a pleasant holiday period.

Sleeping in the Salento tradition

The most characteristic place in Puglia, especially for the central-southern part, is characterized by the Trulli. Typical dry stone constructions, once homeowners’ homes, are still used today, and some of them are rented out to tourists. Sleeping in a b&b in Salento, during the holidays in Puglia, and spending a few nights staying in the trulli, means stepping down in the Salento tradition by getting in touch with the past and the nature of Salento.
Another great place to spend your holidays immersed in the past is the Salerno Masserie. Salento was colonized between 1500 and 1600 by the Spaniards who had made their farmhouses a farmhouse. The farms, once inhabited by Spanish landowners and peasants, after being restructured, are rented out today and represent, together with the trulli, the most characteristic place to sleep in Salento.

In contact with nature

For those who love nature there are also country houses and farmhouses. Country houses represent the ideal accommodation for those who love nature and want to get away from the hectic pace of the city, reappearing in touch with nature. Immersed in the silence of the Salento countryside, country houses offer relaxation and well-being. Ideal for those who want to wake up and taste the Salento’s traditional and healthy foods, grown in the Salento gardens just a few meters from the countryside.
The same applies to farmhouses as well, there are numerous farmhouses that offer not only lunches and dinners, but where it is also possible to sleep. Contrary to country houses, farmhouses are the best place to sleep for those who want to spend a holiday in Salento with the sea and good food. There are numerous farmhouses that are just a few kilometers from the sea, and where you can sleep in a b&b in Salento maybe after a day spent at the sea without forgetting good food. During the holidays in Puglia, after a day at the sea, what’s better than a fish dinner and typical products?

A fun holiday

Not only tradition in Salento, for people who are looking for fun during a holiday, villages and residences are a good alternative to sleeping in Salento. Pools, relaxation and fun during the holidays in Puglia: you can find all this in the many villages that are just a few miles from the sea.

Hotels, B & Bs

Trulli and Salento farms are certainly the places of Salento, but they are certainly not in the reach of all the pockets for those who have a reduced budget to sleep in Salento are the classic hotels and b&b in Salento.
Sleeping in Salento and staying in Hotel and B & B is the best choice for those who spend the whole day exploring Salento between sea and hiking. There are also the studios, ideal for those who love freedom even during a holiday in Puglia and do not want to be tied to the times of the hotels and B & Bs, such as for meal times.

To sleep in Salento and to spend an unforgettable vacation in Puglia you have a wide choice, you just have to decide what is the best accommodation for you … for the rest of the holiday!

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